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Design Thinking for Communities

Please complete this form to book your place in our Autumn Design Thinking for Communities course.


8 sessions being run by Sarah Robinson Frood starting on 5th October 2023.

Course cost £350.00 per person. 


Group discounts are available. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online training program focused on community development and engagement. 


Why Online Training?


Flexibility: Join from anywhere, at your convenience. No need to travel or adhere to specific schedules.


Diverse Perspectives: Connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a collaborative community of changemakers.


Continual Learning: Access resources, materials, and discussions anytime, beyond the live sessions.


What Can You Expect?


Our training program covers Design Thinking for community engagement, empathy-building techniques, stakeholder collaboration, project implementation, and sustainable community development strategies. Facilitated by experienced professionals passionate about empowering individuals like you.

The course will run for 4 weeks with each session being 2 hours long .

Design Thinking with Communities 
Week 1 - Online 
Session 1: Introduction to Design Thinking and its application in community engagement
Session 2: Empathy and Community Understanding

Week 2 - Online 
Session 3: Ideation and Prototyping

Session 4: Feedback and Iteration

Week 3 -  Online
Session 5: Collaboration and Co-creation
Session 6: Design Thinking in Action

Week 4 -  Online
Session 7: Implementation and Sustainability
Session 8: Wrap-up and Next Steps


Thanks for submitting! We will be back in touch to discuss your requirements.

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