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Our Services

We provide both bespoke and off the shelf services, do you want to get up and running quickly you can choose to select one of our pre=packaged services or do you want some more unique and tailored to you then you can get in touch with us to discuss. 

Place your order below for support with you community project...

Community Website 

We can provide you with a community website that integrates news section, about us information, community forum and file sharing facilities. 


Engagement Survey

Do you want to create a survey to be shared in your community we will help you build the survey, ask the right questions and provide you with a summary analysis of the results. 


Community Project Setup 

At the outset of a project it is sometimes hard to know where to start we can provide you with a host of templates that will allow your project to run smoothly and efficiently this can include budget sheets, meeting minutes and basic agreements. 


Project Branding 

We will create a project brand for your community project and a set of templates for you to use during your project you will be provided with a logo and a set of digital files to help promote your project.


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